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Grow your subscription base, build your email list, make sales and do the follow-up, you should now automate all these works. And if you think it will cost you too much to own a software tool to do these works, think again.

INBOXR is a brand-new technology in doing social media marketing. It focuses on Facebook marketing but you can also use it for Twitter and other platforms. This INBOXR Review then serves no other purpose but to provide you more information about this tool.

INBOXR has helped me a lot in my campaigns. And I do not think there is any reason for me to hide it from you. It is a very newbie-friendly tool that anyone can use to boost sales and conversion from social media marketing.

What Is It?

INBOXR is an all-in-one automatic marketing tool for social media campaigns. It allows you to automate all the works you used to do manually and repeatedly. INBOXR can reach both of your new and old customers, take care of them, and deploy proper follow-up tactics depending on their behavior.

This tool can help you to build and develop your own customer base from scratch. And it is fully scalable. You can either use it to improve the traffic to your blog or leverage the sales for your offers. This versatile software tool brings you freedom in your own marketing work. 


About the Creator – Luke Maguire

Luke Maguire is a man of experience. He is an established expert in digital and social media marketing. Luke is also the author of many other products such as Social Autobots, Instamate 2.0, and Octosuite.

When it comes to any of his products, users realize the flexibility of features, ease of use, and affordable pricing. INBOXR comes to life as a solution from Luke – a marketer to all marketers. Let’s see all of its features in the next parts of this INBOXR Review.

What Are the Great Features?

Message your Facebook fans instantly

With just one click, you can send mass messages to all your Facebook fans. INBOXR sends the message with customizable content to any of your target customers.

And the best thing is that you will not have to do the work one by one. Instead, INBOXR has everything done for you in just a click of your mouse.

Increase sales & conversion

INBOXR can understand conditional message sending demand. You can choose the conditions for it, and INBOXR will do the task accordingly.

For example, if there is an old lead you no longer want to include in your campaigns, INBOXR will exclude them in the sending work. This feature allows you to only focus on what matters without disturbing people that no longer have any interest in your offers.

Extend your email list automatically

INBOXR can grabs each email for each user, put in a list for later email marketing work. It can also send the emails automatically, giving you more engagement with your potential customers.

This feature is especially helpful when you are running a promotion campaign. Once the customer accepts the offer, INBOXR will have their email in your list.

Drip feed content

Similar to email marketing, INBOXR helps you to build trust and loyalty from your customers. It brings them new content periodically so that they will never forget about your offers and business.

Install chatbox in one click

INBOXR provides a built-in chatbox that you can use on Facebook and Twitter. This chatbox will help you respond to your customers, even when you are sleeping.

This chatbox works with all niches, giving you unfair advantages over your competitors. 

Follow up with both new and old leads

INBOXR quickly respond to the new customers and recommend the old customers with products and offers that may fall to their interest. This feature is what my INBOXR Review truly appreciates this software.

It maximizes all the marketing efforts to reach out to more people while maintaining them to stay with you.

Who Should Use It?

INBOXR is for everyone. Social media marketing has now become an indispensable part of any campaign. And a chatbox to help you support your customers quickly is a must-have tool for any marketer, regardless of their level and field.

Thus, I believe whatever niche you are working in, you will need this tool. It saves your time, effort, and money to get more traffic, improve conversion and sales.

Personal Experience

I did have a great time with INBOXR. And as my INBOXR Review already stated, this tool is a foolproof solution for social media marketing. It takes care of all the works, from answering the customers, following them, and drip feeding them with new content.

However, what like the most about this tool, is surprisingly not from its feature. It is the concept that truly impresses me.

Luke Maguire has done a great job in creating a software tool that changes the standard of social media marketing. He has put so many automatic features in one package without compromising the overall performance of the software.


Thank you for spending your time with my INBOXR Review. I do hope my information on this tool will assist you in your decision making. INBOXR has come out with an amazing price – $37. But if you do not go for it soon enough, the price will increase.

My advice is, if you know you need it, you had better take action quickly. Again, thank you for reading this. Have a great day.


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