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InstaGenius Review – Your products are right beside your clients with a click.

InstaGenius Review – Your products are right beside your clients with a click.

Increase your sales, promote the bonus and discount to your clients quickly. That’s why InstaGenius was created. And my view in InstaGenius Review will tell you how it works.

InstaGenius Review



Promoting your products and/or services is the most important thing when you doing business.You want every bonus of your product won’t be passed through your clients. Everyone hopes this because discounted is one of best thingwhich can take a look from your customers.

Promote your products on Amazon and other sites is one of special website that almost of businessman want to do especially your advertising can get straight to Amazon or your sale pages. This would be a difficult matter to the producer or businessman. And fortunately, they set up InstaGenius, which can solve all of these problems at a no-brainer price.

Let me tell you how InstaGenius can do all of these in my InstaGenius Review.

InstaGenius Review – Overview


Vendor:                        Cindy Donovan

Product:                       InstaGenius

Launch Date:               2017-Sep-21

Launch Time:               11: 00 EDT

Front-end Price:           $27

Video Page:                  Sale page

Niche:                          General

What is it?


InstaGenius is the ultimate plugin which can make more value for you and build targeted lists on your blog with 100% handsfree. It installs the WordPress plugin, connects your Amazon & Autoresonder accounts (or multiple accounts if you want to offer searches for more than one country).

InstaGenius Demo Video

About the authors – Cindy Battye


Cindy Battye is a professional video maker as well as a software producer. She has many years of experience in digital marketing and has succeeded with many high-quality products such as Commission Sumo, WP Blazer, Text Deliver, Sticky Post, Video Overplay, Viral Loop, etc. With this new product, she desires to change your way of making money, on doing business on the Internet.

Features of InstaGenius

Tire Kickers”


Sometimes called window shoppers.  These guys LOVE to spend money, but only buy about 5-10% of the time they are online looking for items to buy.They spend their relaxation time browsing, imagining what it would be like to own something pretty and new – occasionally splurging on payday.

Automatically tracks prices

For an unlimited number of monitored products to an unlimited number of bargain- hungry subscribers. The plugin automatically tracks prices on Amazon for them.

“Evangelistic Bargain Hunters” 

Evangelists are online shoppers who can’t help but share their great deal with anyone who will listen.  Yep, they got a deal better than their sister and will post all over Facebook.  It only takes 1 or 2 of these for your Amazon affiliate income to skyrocket – especially as YOU can be the one to help them find the perfect deal the second it goes live.

A hyper-targeted email autoresponder sequence

When a price goes on sale – or we find a recommended product (based on our clever algorithms), a hyper-targeted email autoresponder sequence goes into action for you: Closing the sale (they’ve already shown interest!); Upsells related products; Does it all COMPLETELY handsfree.Giving them EXACTLY what they want, at a price they’re excited to pay and offering extra suggestions too!

Automatically input the products


The plugin comes preloaded with customisable email sequences that automatically input the products they’ve shown interest in – when it goes on sale, taking advantage of time-limited sales and cross-selling like never before.

How does it work?


  • Step 1: install and activate the wordpress plugin.
  • Step 2: connect your amazon account & autoresponder.
  • Step 3: choose attention image & where you want it to show.

If those steps I talked above are not enough clearly for you, you can get the details on the introducing video at Sale Page

Who should use it?

If you are a marketer, product seller, local business owner, or you are just a freelancer and want to produce work for your clients for money, InstaGenius was created for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Unlimited, Multi-site
  • License
  • Personal or Clients sites
  • Get free updates for lifetime
  • Get $128.97 of fast action bonus
  • Easy for your clients to search, to buy and give them advic


  • If you know nothing about technology or IT, there would be little complicated for you to use this program.

Price and evaluation

InstaGenius costs$27 for the InstaGenius Main Product with Developers License if it’s InstaGenius Unlimited, it costs $19.97; there are some other product such as: InstaGenius Pro Upgrade which the pro version of software unlocks many fatures costs $27, TBA cost $47.

InstaGenius is guaranteed with 100% money back within 30 days of your purchase if you have any trouble using the InstaGenius and they fail to help you resolve the issue when you contact about it.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you should consider carefully to choose the most suitable solution.

InstaGenius Review – Conclusion


My views to share with you about InstaGeniusmay be not all of the things about InstaGeniusbut I hope it’s still helpful for you to see how easy to take your products sold and your clients approach your discount or sales information.

Hopefully, you can find something useful from the information I provided, and make a wise decision. Thank you for your reading!

InstaGenius Review

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InstaGenius Review

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