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LeadModo Review – Leverage the Power of Quizzes to Build Messenger Lists









Easy To Use





  • • Cover a wide variety of niche markets
  • • Newbie-friendly interface
  • • The online help desk is available all the time


  • • I do not see any significant weakness

LeadModo Review

Leverage the Power of Quizzes to Build Messenger Lists

LeadModo Review

The majority of Internet entrepreneurs hardly recognize the power of Facebook Messenger. One of the most common reasons is that they are afraid to reallocate resources from conventional methods to innovative ones, not to mention that they do not know how potential Messenger can be regarding list building.

Facebook Messenger tends to create a close circle among users’ acquaintances. As soon as you position yourself in this circle, you will be able to expose your products to this platform. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve that unless you attract them with an interesting type of content which is related to them.

For that reason, quizzes are the best choice as they personalize users’ experience, thus empowering them to discover and keep going with the quizzes. This LeadModo Review recommends a product which is perfect for list building.

LeadModo Review – Overview

  • Vendor:
Neil Napier
  • Product:
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price:
  • Sales Page:
Click Here
  • Niche:
List Building
  • Recommend:
Highly Recommend

What Is LeadModo?

LeadModo is defined as a cloud-based platform which lets users attract as many Messenger leads as you want by engaging them through polls, surveys, and quizzes. As a result, you are capable of putting the entire sales process under control, as well as transform your site into a lead magnet on Messenger.

About Author

I think that there is not much to say about Neil Napier as he is so popular across e-commerce platforms. Not only is he a renowned Internet marketer, but he also comes up with several products that assist users with their online businesses. His specialization is social media marketing, and some of the most famous products are InstaMailer and Social X.

For that reason, I strongly believe that LeadModo will be the upcoming success for this guy and his developing team. Keep going with the LeadModo Review for more details.

What Are the Features of LeadModo?

Here is an overview of what LeadModo has to offer:

  • Create your own quiz, or you can choose one of the ready-made templates. The special thing is that the templates were made by professional marketers and designers.
  • Presell to daily visitors, and prepare them for your product offers by starting a casual conversation which engages them in the flow
  • Generate high-converting landing pages, so you can share your quizzes on social networking sites
  • Redirect the visitors to your offers and sales page based on their results after they have finished the quizzes
  • In addition to written questions, you can also include images to spice up your quizzes

How Does It Work?

There are three steps that you need to go through in order to activate LeadModo:

  • Step 1: Choose one of the available templates in the collection, or you can create one by yourself.
  • Step 2:Edit and personalize by changing sizes, backgrounds, and font colors. You can also add your product’s logo and images.
  • Step 3: After you have finished, you only need to copy the code and paste it into your website to get it started.

Who Should Use It?

There are some important reasons why affiliate marketers and e-commerce store owners should take this tool into consideration. Along with the functions indicated in the previous part of LeadModo Review, you can also collect users’ email addresses and phone numbers by creating forms for your quizzes. After that, it will automatically add them to your autoresponders.

Furthermore, you are capable of embedding your polls, surveys, and quizzes on several platforms without restrictions. Not to mention that it lets users create pop-up announcements whenever a new visitor arrives on your homepage. These quizzes have the ability to identify what your customers actually need and want, thus providing them with appropriate recommendations and offers.

Pros and Cons


  • Cover a wide variety of niche markets
  • Newbie-friendly interface
  • The online help desk is available all the time


  • I do not see any significant weakness

Why Should You Buy It?

The first reason that you should think about LeadModo is that this system supplies your customers with a personalized experience. Consequently, they will feel more connected to your store, and they will find it easier to come to the buying decision. Additionally, when the visitors want to leave the site, an exit pop-up will appear with a quiz asking them why they leave. Hence, you can find out which aspects that you need to improve.

Besides, LeadModo also integrates seamlessly with a lot of pixel code trackers such as Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel, to name but a few. It provides users with many options regarding fonts and colors which are suitable for your brand. According to my own experience, these personalized quizzes allow me to boost engagement and drive huge amounts of viral traffic.

Evaluation and Price

As a matter of fact, engaging your potential customers in a personalized experience like quizzes can help you scale up and expand your business in the blink of an eye. Besides pushing your old products, you can also increase the conversion rates of new products dramatically through quizzes.

By implementing LeadModo, users will have the ability to analyze customers’ behaviors and come to the right decision in terms of marketing strategies. If you want to enhance your sales performance, then LeadModo is a perfect starting point. Remember to take note of the launch date on October 04, 2018. The front-end price will be $27.

In a nutshell, I want to thank those who have to stay tuned for the entire LeadModo Review. I hope that this writing has provided you with a deeper insight into this online system, thus helping you collect more evidence to make up your mind. In case you have any concern about this tool’s functions, do not hesitate to approach me.

LeadModo Review

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