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Viral marketing is a powerful IM Strategy but not many people are utilizing. In fact, a lot of people are profiting and get quality leads from things they don’t own.

Actually, they use software to take over other’s website on the internet and then sharing useful kinds of stuff to audiences. As results, they get leads without a website.

Sniply is a great tool but it’s somewhat expensive for some people. That’s where LeadX comes in, a useful app that helps you hijack other sites to get leads and sales. After having LeadX review access from product creator, I would say it’s nice to have the product you can buy.

Let’s read my entire LeadX review so that you know it.


Leadx Review

  • Vendor: Radu et al
  • Product: LeadX
  • Launch Date: 2019-Apr-12
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17
  • Niche: Software


LeadX is a cloud-based software that will help you place your affiliate offer,  your product, your opt-in form on top of any site (even if you do not own it). It hijacks sites including CNN, BBC or even Wikipedia, and shows any visitor your own ad. You can create and customize what the visitors see from dozens of templates, for affiliate offers, your own products, opt-in forms, and even videos! You can instantly have your LINK inserted inside the web’s most popular websites.

This effectively allows you to place any offer where you earn a commission on sites like CNN, BBC, even Wikipedia. Find an article from a reputed source – add your affiliate link to an offer that’s relevant to the article – share it on social media, to friends, on Google or to your email list.

This sophisticated and yet simple to use web software lets you push a button and instantly have your LINK (an affiliate offer, your website, a video, your own product, etc.) inserted inside the web’s most popular websites.

Product Vendor Of LeadX – Radu et al

Radu et al is the famоus digital marketer whо has many years оf experience in this field. He is alsо the prоfessiоnal sоftware creatоr with many successful prоduct launches. His prоducts have bооsted in the market recently.

Yоu can find оut them easily on Google. I also can list sоme оf them fоr yоu refer: VidCоnnect, Webinar Master, Videо 2.0 Prоfit, DesignоPrо, and WоrdBank, etc.

LeadX Review – Features And Benefits

There are 5 elements types you can create: Button, Text, Image, Form, and Video. Each one will have a different displaying way, after setting up, you can come to the seed. At here, provide an URL you want on the internet. It can be your own site or other’s sites.

When you choose an URL, LeadX will show you preview page. So, actually, the usage of LeadX is to set popup to any page on the internet, that’s what we call hijacking. Besides, you can also set up the options form.

The idea is to share these URL across social networks where people see your custom URL. Now, you have an embed code.

Of course, you can embed anywhere you want.

The software does all the work for you: get easy sales, get free traffic and YES even if you’re a complete newbie. It also gives you instant authority by hijacking popular sites.

LeadX is 100% newbie friendly (you don’t even need a website). It enables you to work smarter by auto inserting links into your niche’s most popular sites, also allows you to get all benefits of affiliate review sites and video reviews, without ever creating a website or video yourself or doing a single SEO backlink yourself sites.

Plus, LeadX gives you an edge on the competition and puts you at the TOP.

How Does It Work?

Now, I will show you exactly how it works:

Step1: Create Element

Step2: Create Seed

Step3: Share your link

Who Should Use It?

This software is for anyone who wants to cash in on easy affiliate sales while doing the least amount of work, and anyone not being able to figure out building your own sites and converting visitors to buyers. If you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer and if you commit and follow this software then you will start to enjoy the luxury of automated free traffic. You get to siphon traffic from the web’s most popular sites in 3 simple steps. It’s so easy to use, that you can have your form, button, video, and image ad on other people’s websites in a few minutes. And everything is hosted for you. You can get access for a one-time low price, without ever have to pay a monthly fee.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Can create multiple campaigns
  • Fast popup loading
  • Enable any website URL
  • Can embed form anywhere
  • Beautiful box built-in to convert


  • So far, there is none

Price And Evaluation

I highly recommend you to give it a try. Now, you can buy LeadX Front end with $17 one times payment. I think it is a reasonable price.

The second choice for you is LeadX PRO priced at $37

The third choice for you is LeadX PRO priced at $57

Another choice for you is LeadX PRO priced at $67

For each package, you have different features. I advise you to read the functions they bring to get the best one which can meet your needs and your budget as well.

Your Decision is…

In summary, LeadX is great to have software for any marketers. This helps you get leads and sales using other’s useful content and share it with your audiences. As results, they may feel thankful after you sharing useful stuff for them and they may want to purchase something you advertise.

Trust me, get this and you’ll have customers, business prospects and even your own friends start calling you saying “Hey, I just saw your ad on CNN”.

Leadx Review

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