Magic Video FX 4.0 review

Magic Video FX 4.0 Review – The Secret that You Can’t Know if you Skip this Review

Magic Video FX 4.0 Review

The Secret that You Can’t Know if you Skip this Review

Magic Video FX 4.0 review


In the past few years, the trend of video marketing has been increasingly focused on marketing by marketers as a new direction in the field of advertising and advertising. Video marketing is probably no longer a strange term, but not every marketer is aware of the importance of video in marketing strategies.

  • There is always a large audience watching online videos
  • Help companies and businesses save costs
  • Have the opportunity to own private communication channels
  • The ability to be viral naturally high

Today, I will share a tool that can help you create videos in just 3 simple steps.

Please pay attention to my Magic Video FX 4.0 review!

A quick overview of Magic Video FX 4.0

Magic Video FX 4.0 review

Vendor: Arif Chandra
Product: Magic Video FX 4.0
Launch Date: March 14th, 2019
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $17
Niche: Video
Sales Page: CLICK HERE
Score:  4/5

What is Magic Video FX 4.0 about?

Magic Video FX 4.0 is not software or Plugin. It is a great collection of 4.0 videos. You can own your brand with these videos without designers.

As far as I can see, videos are edited with Powerpoint; this means you will not need to install or purchase any editing software at all.

The videos are designed on every hottest niche so you can easily make a profit. All you need to do is open the video and edit it to your liking.

Let us learn about the person behind this product.

Creator of Magic Video FX 4.0

Arif Chandra is a young provider on JVZoo. He created a lot of quality products. I find that his products are all related to videos. They always bring results to users and receive many compliments.

Graphic Corporate PRO Vol 1, Graphics Corporate Pro Vol 2, One click video templates and Wizard Design Templates 1.0 are his successful products.

Let us now learn about the features and things you will get when purchasing this product.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Magic Video FX 4.0

Here are the great features this product brings to you

Module 1: Magic video templates

It includes:

  • Glitch style
  • Cinematic trailer
  • Retro style
  • Conference trailer
  • General promotion
  • Real estate
  • Event promo
  • Music promo
  • Elegant style
  • Magic trailer
  • Glitch urban VHS
  • Dynamic parallax
  • Modern and Dynamic
  • Neon style
  • Retro Stylish
  • Fashion promo
  • Urban dynamic
  • Retrowave style

Module 2: Youtube INTRO templates

Module 3: Motion title templates

Module 4: Youtube cover templates

Module 5: Youtube thumbnail templates

Module 6: Youtube OUTRO templates

Module 7: Bonuses


These are completely new traditional video samples on the market. It gives you easy access to your customers and brings them to your brand through various social media.


This is a seamless forwarding package. It makes transitions in your video become smoother and more beautiful.


Extremely good and beautiful songs will be for you. And they are completely exclusive.

Module 8: Premium quality guaranteed

How to Use It?

These templates are 100% Powerpoint. So you will not need any design skills at all. You just need to open your Powerpoint software, then select the template and edit it as you like.

Please refer to your Powerpoint software version as these models work best on PowerPoint 2013. It also works on PowerPoint 2010 or 2010, but some layouts or effects will not work perfectly.

Here are the 3 simple steps to have video 4.0:

  • Step 1: Open 4.0 video templates in Powerpoint
  • Step 2: Add images, music or edit colours, font size to suit your needs
  • Step 3: Complete video 4.0 professionally

Who Should Use It?

If marketers know how to flexibly use the elements available in this product and combine with their core marketing power, their future video marketing campaigns will achieve the most success and echoes.

Magic Video FX 4.0 is really great for marketers, video designers, digital marketers and more. If you are falling into one of the problems below, you cannot miss this product either:

  • You want to create sophisticated videos with just a few clicks
  • You are tired of paying high prices for websites or video designers
  • You are looking to increase your sales and conversion rates.

Pros and Cons


  • Sample videos have high conversion rates, modern and advanced
  • It is easy to use and works like magic
  • No need to hire or hire designers
  • Completely works on Powerpoint
  • No expensive editing software required
  • Create advanced animations in just minutes
  • Create unlimited animated videos


  • These 4.0 video templates do not work with Keynote.

Price and Evaluation

When buying any product, what we care about is not only benefits but also prices. Yes, $ 17 is the price of this product. You will get hundreds of excellent 4.0 videos and 3 great bonuses from the vendor. If you find that it really suits your work, you should catch it today. In just a few hours, its price will rise quite high.

In addition, you will have to add some OTO to choose from. Every OTO has great features. You should go to their sales page to give more information about their prices and their capabilities.

A great thing I want to inform you is that you will be guaranteed the money within 30 days. So you can rest assured to use this product.

Last Thoughts

The videos available in this collection are all great 4.0 videos that I have never seen in the market. I think it will help a lot in your work. I have just shared all the things I understand about this product. I hope they will help you in making decisions.

Magic Video FX 4.0 review

Now, it’s time to finish my Magic Video FX 4.0 review. If you have any further questions to understand more about this product, you can call me or leave a comment below. I will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

Wish you have the smartest choice. Goodbye!

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