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PicAds Pro Review – Graphics Solution For eCom stores

PicAds Pro













  • Used in various niches and industries
  • Use simple and friendly software
  • The wide variety of graphics and promo elements
  • Useful and practical bonuses
  • High-quality templates to deliver an excellent outcome


  • Massively increasing price

PicAds Pro Review

Graphics Solution For eCom stores

PicAds Pro Review


eCom is a new goldmine in making money online. Selling online helps you save a lot of money for renting a store and hire staff.

However, you will still have to spend a smaller amount for advertisement to make sure you promote your store in the right way. My PicAds Pro Review will introduce a new product which becomes your ad designer at one blink.

Without too much money on outsourcing, you still can market your store efficiently on social media and other search engines. Even if you are an amateur editor, you can still leverage the templates to attract dozens of leads.

If you are searching a method for eCom Ad, check it out!

Overview of PicAds Pro

PicAds Pro Review

  • Vendor: Bayu Tara Wijaya
  • Product: PicAds Pro
  • Launch Date: March 22, 2019
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $17-$27
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: eCommerce

What is PicAds Pro?

PicAds Pro is a bundle of templates which are totally editable. These templates are custom made for running ads for eCom store. They have high quality to deliver great results such as lead capture and list building.

This product provides a wide range of graphics assets and promotion elements for a complete ad campaign. It offers users with a handmade solution to launch their ads easily and conveniently without creative agencies.

Because it’s a tool for the store owner, it doesn’t require high skills in advance to master this designing kit. It gives you the opportunity to increase clicks, get more orders, and welcome more guests without paid ads.

My PicAds Pro Review will help you explore this product.

The Creator of PicAds Pro

The developer of this product is Bayu Tara Wijaya. He is a designing guy with many graphics related tools such as Pidio.Pix, VideoWide, and Grapvidty, etc. He specializes in designing and making graphics assets with a professional display.

With the help of his teammate, he is preparing much more for this launch. Continue my PicAds Pro Review to understand all its features.

PicAds Pro and its main features

–    1,000 customizable ad templates in PPTX

The main package of PicAds Pro includes 1,000 templates. Users will use this template bundle to customize and modify into their own eCom ads. The files are in PPTX format. This means that you have PowerPoint, the friendliest software to edit your ads.

–    Run ads on multiple platforms

The templates of PicAds Pro are able to launch ads on almost all existing platforms in social media and search engines. You can promote your ads on Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram, Tumblr or even Google AdSense.

–    Provide an entire ad kit

Users can use templates inside PicAds Pro to set up their whole strategies. This product allows people to create social feed posts, ads banner, display banner, social brands, and so on. With some minutes, unique designs are in your hand.

–    Conveniently export your design

Because of powered by PowerPoint only, the designs in PicAds Pro are relatively more light-weight than other artworks from other software. The smaller size helps you easily render the files. Especially, you can export the png or jpg formats.

–    Easily edit without any advanced skills

PicAds Pro is a product for both low levels and high-skilled users. It doesn’t need any third-party tool, just PowerPoint. It doesn’t need you to be skillful at designing or coding. Whereas, its templates are in high quality to attract leads and increase conversion incentives.

–    Attractive bonuses

Right at the front-end product, buyers get plenty of bonuses about graphics elements with templates to level up their brand and stores.

o    10 video FB cover templates

o    10 video Instagram templates

o    10 video social story templates

o    10 sales video templates

How to use PicAds Pro

As said in this PicAds Pro Review, this tool is pretty clear and transparent. Just stick with your Microsoft Office and you can control your designs:

Step 1: Cherry pick your template

Step 2: Modify it to fit your strategy

Step 3: Place it in your campaign and launch on social media to get leads

Who should use PicAds Pro

By using a basic tool which is default in almost all devices, PicAds Pro targets users at all levels. Moreover, its wide range of templates can be used in numerous industries.

Whether you sell locally or distribute worldwide, this is a good package for eCom businesses.

Additionally, it can be used by:

–    Freelancer to design their own personal branding

–    Affiliate or MMO

–    Online marketers

–    Designers

–    Local consultants

Pros and Cons


–    Used in various niches and industries

–    Use simple and friendly software

–    The wide variety of graphics and promo elements

–    Useful and practical bonuses

–    High-quality templates to deliver an excellent outcome


Massively increasing price

Price and Evaluation

The PicAds Pro is offered with $17-$27 with all features above. The cost fluctuates due to the high demand of users. This is also the reason why you should consider taking it early. Even when getting at $27 price, its dime sale still affects the gross cost you have to pay.

Other OTOs are ready in details at the sales page so you can have a check at it.


Thank you for checking my PicAds Pro Review. In my opinion, it’s hard to tell if your design will become a masterpiece because it depends on your art sensation and ability. However, with the experience of trying many other designing packages before, I’m satisfied with this package and its modern style.

Many graphics products have been launched but not many about eCom ads. Therefore, folks are jumping for this product to witness its content.

Bayu Tara Wijaya is a product creator in designing niche so he will probably launch other graphics packages. If you like PicAds Pro, it can help you make friend with a trusted and qualified vendor for designing tools.

Lastly, I think PicAds Pro is a necessary product for local businesses. With a small budget, they can have a better solution than outsourcing to expensive creative agencies.

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comment!

PicAds Pro Review

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