• Any type of niche can be found in the package
  • The help desk is highly responsive to questions
  • Newbie-friendly interface with lots of built-in features


  • There is no significant mistake with this platform

Storymate Review

Empower Your Marketing Campaigns Using Social Stories

Storymate Review

As a matter of fact, story posting on social media channels has dramatically grown much more than traditional news feed posting. This is because of the significant popularity of the story feature.

Regularly, Instagram and Facebook users used to write online statuses. However, stories have become much more popular since they are located on top of the interface in both applications. If you know how to use this tool wisely, it is a great opportunity for online marketers.

Later in this Storymate Review, I am going to introduce a suite which allows you to take advantage of this potential feature.

Storymate Review – Overview

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Luke Maguire et. al
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  • Launch Date:
2019 – Jan – 16
  • Launch Time:
9:00 EST
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Click Here
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  • Refund:
30-day money back guarantee
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Highly Recommend

What Is Storymate?

Generally, Storymate is a brand new platform that permits you to establish a professional, eye-catching, and interesting stories in Instagram and Facebook.

To be specific, you are able to combine your stories together by using the available templates. This is not to mention that these templates consist of themed background music tracks.

After you have finished editing the templates, you can forward the final versions to your accounts on Instagram and Facebook. In this way, you can save a lot of effort and time.

About Author

Luke Maguire has long been famous for producing multiple trending Internet marketing support products and services. To be specific, starting off as a marketer himself, he definitely knows what it takes to become a successful name in the market. Therefore, he wants to earn money while helping his peers.

Particularly, Luke specializes in social channel customization, especially Instagram. His previous products such as Instamate and InstaEasy have done a great job in helping Internet marketers create huge profits from this enormous platform.

Storymate Review – Features & Benefits

Increase Conversions

Storymate lets you generate stories using a ready-made collection of templates. These templates have proven to provide users with a stunning end result, not to mention that you can share these pictures on Facebook and Instagram right away.

No Need to Show Faces

A lot of users despise the fact that they have to show their faces on camera. With Storymate, you are able to upload any content that you wish using the copyright-free templates. Thus, you will find it possible to come up with high-converting stories.

Build Your Email List

In addition, Storymate enables you to generate brand-oriented call to actions with a view to building customized email lists from Instagram and Facebook followers.

What’s more, you are capable of sending your users directly to an appointed website. Particularly, done-for-you call to action builders such as “opt in here” and “swipe up”.

As a result, not only can you come up with high-converting stories, but you can also generate captivating call to actions. As far as I am concerned, Storymate is the very first application that enables you to create Facebook and Insta story templates. Besides, they will automatically synchronize with your accounts.

Who Should Buy It?

From my point of view, Storymate is best suited to newbies in the field of Internet marketing. Story is still quite a new feature, thus making it difficult for you to leverage it in the right way. Having experienced Storymate for a few weeks, I have to say that this application should be added to your toolbox immediately.

What’s more, Storymate consists of a wide variety of built-in tools via which you are able to participate in a training course which leads you through the process of using this tool. Therefore, no matter which niche you are in, you can always find something useful in this suite.

Last but not least, this system is extremely scalable, and its concept is evergreen. As a result, you will be able to unleash huge amounts of traffic and commission.

Pros and Cons


  • Any type of niche can be found in the package
  • The help desk is highly responsive to questions
  • Newbie-friendly interface with lots of built-in features


  • There is no significant mistake with this platform

Why Should You Buy It?

More and more people are likely to check out the Stories feature every single day. According to a recent study, this feature’s popularity has grown so much that it surpasses the traditional news feed posting by 15 times.

For that reason, Storymate is a great way for users to start monetizing this feature. Besides, you can also captivate visitors’ attention in the blink of an eye with professional stories.

Evaluation and Price

In my opinion, Storymate is a reliable story-creating package due to its functionalities. I think the best part of this platform is its concept through which you are able to monetize this trending feature. In addition, you can also learn how to maximize your profits with the built-in widgets.

Moreover, the interface is highly intuitive for beginners. Thus, you will get along with it in no time. If the concept of Storymate interests you, do not forget to take a look at the official sales page on January 16, 2019 to see more information. Additionally, the front-end package is $47.

What’s more, this platform pairs up with a money guarantee policy. Specifically, within one month, you have the right to ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with this package’s features. This is an outstanding way to protect consumers’ rights.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, social media marketing is constantly changing, so Internet marketers need to be extremely adaptable to these changes. You can either figure out a way to take advantage of the new trend yourself, or you can choose to use the available templates to start building up your own business.

By using Storymate, that process will become less challenging to start. I sincerely hope that my Storymate Review has provided reader with enough information for you to have a deeper insight. Thank you for reading!

Storymate Review

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