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WPDigiPro Reloaded Review – A tool helps sell digital products easier

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review–A tool helps sell digital products easier



Let follow my WPDigiPro Reloaded Review and find out a supporting tool that can help you earn better income! The discount won’t last for long.


As the Internet keeps growing every day, earning money online has never been a lot easier. One of the ways that most people use to do that is to create digital products and sell it. There are a lot of people who become extremely rich when they start to do so.

But, to be honest, it’s not that easy. We all know how difficult it is to create a product, to ensure the download link is safe, to deliver products, to automate contributor entry, to notify via email and a billion of other things. We need something special to help us do it all.

Read my WPDigiPro Reloaded Review and see how it helps you pave the way. Maybe the product is what you have been looking for all the time.

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review – Overview

Author:       TantanHilyatana et al

Product:      WPDigiPro Reloaded

Launch Date:        2017-Aug-25

Launch Time:       10:00 EDT

Front-End Price:   $29 – $67

Sales Page:  LINK

Niche:         Software

What is WPDiGiPro?

WPDigipro is a WordPress plugin that helps you sell digital products including audios, software, e-books, apps, plugins, membership sites, courses or any kind.

To be more specific, WPDigiPro helps you do all these things:

  • Email notification
  • Download link protection
  • Automatic product delivery
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Member access
  • Payment gateways integration

WPDigiPro Reloaded Demo


About author

TantanHilyatana is the author of WPDigiPro. He has been so successful in selling digital products online for more than 30,000 customers around the world.

Before launching any product, he spent days and nights testing the system so make sure everything will work out just fine. That is why all of his products all work so well when they come to the user’s hands.

Now we shall move to the next part of the WPDiGiPro Reload Review and see what special features it can offer.

Feature details

Download link protection

No more worry about blackhat sites stealing your content anymore. Only those who have paid can get access to the materials.

Assign trial periods

Boosting your conversions by offering prospects a period of trying before buying.

Add license keys

License keys are a perfect way to protect WP theme and plugin from illegal access.

Multiple payment gateways

What is a better way of boosting sales than having many ways of payment? WPDigiPro helps you reach your goal by paying attention to small details like this.

Flexible “buy now” links

As buttons or text links on websites, WPDigiPro makes it a lot easier for customers to see and find you.

Enable recurring fees

Recurring fees would be a great source of income every month if you use it properly. Just use WPDigiPro to turn your content into a membership site to earn huge streams of income every month.

Click tracking

There are a lot of click tracking apps on the Internet but generally, they are ridiculously expensive. Let’s forget all of them because, with WPDigiPro, you would be able to do the exact same thing.

Analytics and statistics

It’s now so much easier for you to track sales by using graphs. The tool provides you tools to have a wider look at the business.

Email notification

WPDigiPro will automatically send your customers receipts, along with login info and reminders so that you would not have to waste time on these such things.

How does it work?

Step 1: add your products

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review

Just click “Add new” on the WPDigiPro menu and enter the detail products such as name, description, price, that sort of thing.

Step 2: integrate payment gateway

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review

The vendor has built a payment integration: PayPal Sandbox, PayPal API, PayPal Standard, 2Checkout and more.

Step 3: change the settings

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review

This step allows you to customize it according to your business needs. It would take you a short period of time to finish

Step 4: start selling

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review

Who should use it?

The product is best suitable for those who have a strong desire over selling digital products online. Regardless of how competent you are, WPDigiPro is there to help. However, that does not mean people of other professions cannot use it.

  • Web agency
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Photographer
  • Selling e-books, animation templates

And more.

Pros and cons


  • Effective
  • Meet demands of many people
  • Can be used widely


  • It may take you quite long to add products in the first place.

User experience

WPDigiPro is really a good starting point for those who want to have a new fresh start in the industry. The app is completely newbie friendly. It can work very well on digital products of any kind. That is what I love most about the product.

Another thing I would mention in this WPDigiPro Reloaded Review is that the vendor offers buyers a 30 days money back guarantee. If you are hesitating whether you should get the product or not, let’s try it now because you can ask for a full refund if things do not work out as you expect. But from my own experience, I do believe you would not want to return it.

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review – Evaluation and Price

WPDigiPro Reloaded front-end version comes with a price of $29 – $67 which makes it a pretty good deal given all the features it offers. However, the price will soon increase after launch, secure your slot ASAP. Visit the sales page HERE.

I hope this WPDigiPro Reloaded Review gives you everything you need to know about the product. Goodbye!

WPDigiPro Reloaded Review

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